Mr. and  Mrs. Kange

"My husband and I wanted something different for our children. A place where they will be well rounded both spiritually and academically and at the same time have lots of fun. We toured several schools within our vicinity and settled for MCA as the best place for children to excel. We have been at MCA for ten years with our oldest child starting from preschool and now is in grade 8. She is academically and socially prepared for high school. Her siblings in grades 7, 5 and 4 are also having a great time in school. We have not regretted taking this decision because MCA has a rich and diverse curriculum. The teachers are very knowledgeable and the rest of the staff are warm. They combine both academics and so many other extracurricular activities. Swimming and skating are the best as the children continue to be part of all seasonal activities. The children are great and connect nicely with each other. It is like one big family. A home away from home. MCA is the place to be if you want best for your children. We are grateful that MCA could offer such nurturing and warm environment for our children."

Mr. and Mrs. Ting

"It’s been a great privilege for our children to be attending M.C.A. for nearly 10 years. Our children are blessed to be taught by an exceptional team of dedicated and caring teachers who are truly passionate to teach and to share the Word of God. We are confident that by the time they graduate, they will be well prepared academically to enter high school and spiritually equipped to meet the challenges in the real world. We believe in setting a strong foundation for our children and thus, we invest in their education. M.C.A. has proved to be the right school for our boys."

Mr. and Mrs. Jeantet

"Our daughter attended MCA from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. During the early years especially her JK to grade 2 time period when she needed to feel safe and comfortable going to school, she received great loving cares and kindness from her teachers. We remember writing numerous thank you notes to the teachers with grateful heart telling them how blessed my daughter was to have teachers like them. Many of the teachers at MCA sacrifices high pay jobs elsewhere because they are not doing it just for the education but also as a ministry unto the children. Only eternity can reveal their rewards in heaven and their impact on the children’s lives.One of the most impressive things that MCA did for our daughter was that they dealt with her bullying classmates in school. The teacher was not afraid to call-on the students and make them accountable to what they had done. From this incident, our daughter knew that she would always be supported and was never afraid to speak up. It is important that a student grows up in a safe, loving, secured and caring learning environment that allows them to flourish.

One of the main reasons that our daughter attended MCA for so many years was that she was taught the Word of God on a daily basis. She had Bible classes every day and worship time in chapel once a week. Spending 6.5 hours per day for 5 days per week at school constituted of a major part of her life. Psalm 119:11 says, “I have hidden your Word in my heart that I might not sin against You.” We knew and understood the importance of Godly influence and importation of “Godly things” from the teachers and people around her during these long hours while she was at school. Definitely, the teachers at MCA had contributed greatly and helped laying a solid foundation of the “Word of God” in our daughter’s heart. For this, we are forever grateful to them and to MCA."